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Shelem College, Complementary medicine in the spirit of Judaism

Shelem Institute, the leading Israeli college for complementary and alternative medicine in the spirit of Judaism, is pleased to offer you a variety of unique study programst for learning complementary medicine in Israel, in English.

The secret of holistic medicine lies in striking the perfect balance between man’s spiritual and physical systems, and is based on the basic principle of prevention through the acquisition of proper habits that contribute to strengthening the spirit and invigorating the body to resist disease.

The various therapies offered by complementary medicine have rapidly gained popularity over the past few years and have earned the support of the western medical community. Natural medicine has thus become a routine part of the medical treatment for every patient, with its various forms offered at almost every medical institution in Israel, to complement and support conventional medical therapies. 

As a result, there is an increasing need for practitioners in all fields of complementary medicine, and the number of students and graduates is constantly rising.

Shelem College is one of the oldest and most established teaching centers for complementary medicine. At Shelem, you will acquire knowledge and skills that will open a world of possibilities for you and allow you to join the ranks of professional therapists easily and quickly.

At Shelem, you will find the most comprehensive programs in Israel for the study of Chinese medicine, naturopathy, natural nutrition, reflexology, graphology and a wide range of courses in all the disciplines of complementary medicine.


The power is in your hands—with Hashem's help. 

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