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Lilach Bibi |

Reflexology and Childbirth Support

Sara Cohen | Runs a private clinic in Ashkelon. Studied reflexology and multi-disciplinary infant therapy
Shimon Eisenberg | Healing. Runs a clinic in Nahariya
Nadav Alsheich | Runs a busy clinic in Jerusalem
Tzvia Tannenbaum | Reflexology Lecturer and Practitioner
Ortal Mizrahi | Reflexology, massage, nutrition | works with a Kupat Holim and has a private clinic
Yoav Berkowitch | Reflexology. Runs his own private clinic in Gilo
Ruhama Feldman | Massage, nutrition and essential oil therapy Runs her own private clinic
Chedva Yosef | Medical doula, children's art diagnostician
Nachshon Damari | Touch Therapy, Avnei Shelem therapies
Dov Cohen | Iridology, nutritional counseling, graphology, reflexology. Has a private practice
Avi Adler | Runs a clinic and works in a hospital
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