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Holistic/Medical Massage Studies | General Info

Medical massage is a particularly effective therapy whose value has been proven and is recognized by conventional medicine.

Parallel massage techniques for healing and therapeutic purposes developed in many cultures around the world, as people discovered how massage could satisfy many of the body’s physical and emotional needs.

Massage is a process of interaction between the practitioner and the patient, and the main advantages of massage are in its positive effect on soft tissues, muscle structure, tendons and ligaments.

Massage therapists help patients to balance muscle tone, strengthen their skeletal, muscular and immune systems and relieve obstructions in meridians. Massage likewise promotes blood circulation, improves nerve communication and relieves pain. Massage therapy is physically refreshing and revitalizes the body, restores the body's balance, increases metabolism, neutralizes toxins and improves posture.

Different massage techniques are effective in treating patients who are paralyzed or have limited movement; patients suffering from muscle atrophy and in the rehabilitation of patients recovering from strokes (POST CVA.) 

Teachers staff

Rachel Bergman
Dr. Chananel Levi


1st Year
Multidisciplinary Holistic Massage
152 Hours [38 Meetings]
Anatomy and physiology
112 Hours [38 Meetings]
4 Hours [1 Meetings]
Total: 268 Hours [77 Meetings]
2nd Year
Medical Massage
152 Hours [38 Meetings]
150 Hours [50 Meetings]
Total: 302 Hours [88 Meetings]


Multidisciplinary Holistic Massage
Medical Massage


1st Year
2nd Year
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