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Guided Imagery Studies | General Info

Guided free-flowing imagery is a method that combines calming and relaxation techniques in order to achieve internal clarity. This method introduces the individual to his personal image world in order to create an encounter with his thoughts and feelings in an associative manner and thereby gain an understanding of the effect of thoughts and feelings on physiological functions.

The power of imagery is a link that connects and sanctifies the body-soul connection and facilitates dialogue between them.The free-flowing imagery method is based on the belief that a person’s abilities, talents, qualifications and all the tools he needs for realizing his unique essence are inherent in his inner world.

The power of imagery enables us to obtain the missing information for understanding the essence of the reality of our lives, but this information system is exposed to many disruptions. Free-flowing imagery helps us to identify the disruptive, misleading images and learn how to free ourselves from them. This release reveals a new world of images to us, known as “the revelation of the soul.”

The work with the free-flowing imagery is a clarification of the energies that drive us and inhibit us. The guide’s goal is to help the subject experience all aspects of the quest for self-understanding to the fullest.

In order for the therapy to be as effective as possible, the subject must harness all his senses in this process and imagine the suggested images in full color and sound, and to sense the physical aspects, including taste and smell, in order to experience the feelings as clearly as possible.

Guided imagery is a professional tool that gives the subject the means with which to take responsibility for his and his functioning, while developing the ability to accept himself completely. This method can be used in preparation for childbirth, for sports competitions and important exams.

The curriculum includes another aspect of the process – the refining of a person’s emotions and the identification of the ability to choose and create change in life.

Teachers staff

Naomi Bloch
Aharon Darmon


Guided imagery


  • Free-flowing imagery – journey into the self
  • Programming versus free-flowing
  • The guidance sphere


  • Flow chart – introduction to guidance and the encounter with the imagination
  • The stages of the process – relaxation, imagining physical emotion, dialogue and free-flowing solution
  • Inner voices
  • Right, left and mid-line
  • The four elements of the human soul – earth, water, air and fire
  • The inner child
  • Prayer
  • Processing – analyzing the processes, refining the emotions and creating life change
  • The therapeutic framework 


1st Year

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Guided Imagery Winter Woman 31/12/19 סופי
סמסטר מועד
Guided Imagery Winter Woman 11/11/19 סופי
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Guided Imagery Summer Men 26/5/19 סופי
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