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The developmental guidance course is based on proven scientific research that babies need touch and that intentional stimulation improves the infant’s developmental potential, emotional functioning, intellect and health.

Multidisciplinary infant therapy includes massage, yoga, exercises for guided development, reflexology and maternal physical recuperation after childbirth.
Touch promotes the development of the infant’s self-confidence and builds his personality. The multidisciplinary approach is also very beneficial for special needs babies.

This course is unique and exclusive to Shelem College and trains adults in integrated therapy for babies, using touch and guided stimulation.
The developmental guide provides parents with practical tools for promoting their baby’s normal development and achieving milestones on schedule.
Students in this course acquire tools to help parents develop positive interaction based on confidence and trust between the parents and their baby, fostering their attentiveness and deep understanding of their baby’s needs.

The professional training program at Shelem College enables graduates of the course to provide guidance in a number of frameworks:
Individual and group sessions – for mothers, infant day care workers or hospital nursery caregivers – to teach therapeutic touch and its practical applications in daily routines and offer guidance for connecting to inner feelings and strengths.
Course participants will gain professional practical experience in day care centers, supervised by Shelem College’s professional staff.


Teachers staff

Ora Avraham
Orly Gat
Rachel Fridson


1st Year
Developmental guidance
300 Hours [50 Meetings]
30 Hours [12 Meetings]
84 Hours [28 Meetings]
Total: 414 Hours [90 Meetings]


Developmental guidance


1st Year
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