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Reflexology is a method for diagnosing and treating ailments by applying pressure to parts of the foot and is based on the body’s natural healing powers.
Reflexology uses the patient’s feet as an emotional, mental a physical map of the body.

According to this method, the foot reflects all of a person’s abilities, difficulties, endurance under stress, state of health, chronic weaknesses and tendencies of the body’s various organs. Information is obtained from signs on the feet, such as birthmarks, cracks, lines, dry patches and skin color and temperature. These signs are indications for the reflexologist regarding the patient’s condition and are used for customizing treatment.

During the reflexologist’s examination of the patient’s feet, problems are detected and suggestions raised as to the cause of energy blockages. Using guided massage and pressure on specific points along the length and width the patient’s feet, the reflexologist identifies problematic points in the patient’s body and psyche. Therapy is based on various intensities of pressure on specific points on the patient’s feet, where each point affects a different part of the body or the brain and elicits a response. Reflexology can revitalize and strengthen the internal organs, the release and cleansing of waste and toxins from the body, strengthen and improve the flexibility of the skeleton and muscles, relieve stress and promote faster healing.

Today reflexology is recognized by the medical establishment as a means for treating many chronic conditions such as otitis, joint pain, digestive problems, infertility and stress. At Shelem College reflexology is taught based on the “fetal principle” (first published by Eldad Nakar in his book, Reflexholism), offering students a broader and deeper understanding of holistic concepts.

Teachers staff

Tzvia Tenenbaum
David Perry
Lilach Bibi
Naomi Bloch
Bracha Safra
Orit Houzman


1st Year
190 Hours [38 Meetings]
Anatomy and physiology
112 Hours [38 Meetings]
4 Hours [1 Meetings]
Total: 306 Hours [77 Meetings]
2nd Year
Senior reflexology
190 Hours [38 Meetings]
Lab tests
60 Hours [12 Meetings]
150 Hours [50 Meetings]
Total: 400 Hours [100 Meetings]


  • Reflexology theory – mapping the foot, diagnosing pain
  • Introduction to the body’s systems from the perspective of reflexology
  • Professional principles
  • Therapy techniques
  • Clinic – studying and gathering data
  • Reflexology in the life cycle
  • Hopi candle therapy workshop 


Senior reflexology
  • The fetal principle as the foundation of personality analysis.
  • The chakras corresponding to the foot
  • Normality and anomaly in the foot
  • Right and left as fundamental characteristics
  • Depression and expression – blockages
  • Dynamics of reflexology
  • Diagnostics of the big toes
  • Metaphysics of organs 
  • Reflexology of the hand
  • Physical pathologies and their holistic decoding
  • Parallels in Chinese medicine and reflexology
  • Advanced manual, visual, step and pain diagnostic and therapy techniques
  • Patient body language 
  • Enrichment: Foot therapy using essential oils, free-flowing imagery, Su Jok, medical terminology, therapist-patient relationships and more


1st Year

Shelem College Diploma

Israel Reflexology Association Diploma


2nd Year

Shelem College Diploma

Israel Reflexology Association Diploma


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