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Shelem College - the leading college for complementary medicine studies in the spirit of Judaism

Shelem College was established in 1995 by Miri Hoffman, and is one of the oldest and most unique institutes for the study of complementary medicine in Israel.

Shelem offers a number of unique and exclusive study programs, covering a wide spectrum of professional training and offering a rich variety of enrichment programs and workshops open to the general public.

Shelem College has a distinct religious Jewish character, with Torah-observant lecturers and separate classes for men and women as well as a warm family atmosphere and individual attention to each student. At Shelem College, the holistic principles of Jewish medicine, known as one of the most ancient medical traditions in the world, serve as the basis for the study of complementary medicine.

At Shelem, you will meet the best lecturers, all experts in their fields. Shelem graduates are lecturers at many other colleges throughout Israel.

The college operates under direct rabbinical supervision. Our steering committee is led by Rabbi Chaim Shatz, head of HaRoeh Kollel and an expert in the field of complementary medicine.

One of the guiding principles of Shelem is a comprehensive, in-depth approach to teaching the various disciplines of complementary medicine. Our graduates are highly trained, professional practitioners. There is also a strong emphasis on the study of conventional medicine at a high level as an integral part of the requirements for earning certification.

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