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The Clinic

At Shelem, we are known for looking at the big picture, and realized the need to establish a specialized clinic alongside the college of complementary medicine, where the public can take advantage of a wide range of treatments and therapies offered by some of the best practitioners in the country.
In addition, the clinic functions as an incubator for Shelem graduates, providing them with the opportunity to integrate into the therapy aspect of the Shelem family.

The clinic is staffed by the leading complementary medicine specialists. One of these is Dr. Gili Israeli, who specializes in integrated Chinese medicine for treating medical conditions considered incurable, such as fibromyalgia, which Western medicine has been unable to alleviate. Dr. Israeli has found a solution to this medical shortcoming, and has chalked up an impressive list of successes.
Another disease that has been successfully treated is CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). Here, again, Dr. Israeli has proved his remarkable abilities.

In addition, Shelem offers patients treatment for a wide variety of emotional, orthopedic, respiratory, fertility, vascular, heart and kidney ailments; backaches, attention deficit disorders, sleep disturbances, bedwetting, digestive problems and obesity.

Avnei Shelem has male and female therapists who specialize in shiatsu, reflexology, multidisciplinary holistic massage, nutritional counseling, medicinal plant therapies in the Chinese and Western traditions, guided imagery, One Brain, and other disciplines.

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