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Why Shelem

Shelem - the natural choice for complementary medicine studies!

The study of complementary medicine at Shelem College is based on the holistic principles of Jewish medicine, one of the oldest medicine traditions in the world.

Jewish medicine, with roots going back to Adam and Eve, remains a universal cornerstone of human medical endeavors to this day.

Today, Jewish medicine with all it has to offer stands alongside other natural disciplines, both ancient and modern.

As a college with a religious Jewish orientation, Shelem places the principles of Jewish-Kabalistic medicine as a main axis of the spiritual agenda of the curriculum and combines them with practices from the Far East and conventional western medicine.

Shelem is a well-established, professional school with many years of experience in teaching complementary medicine. The skills that you will acquire at Shelem will open up a myriad of possibilities and ensure your quick, easy integration into the world of complementary medicine.

Our programs are among the most extensive in Israel for the study of Chinese medicine, naturopathy, nutritional counseling, reflexology, graphology and many other courses in the various disciplines of complementary medicine.

Shelem College | College of complementary medicine in the spirit of Judaism, 224 Yaffo St. | 1-700-50-54-54