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Information for Applicants - Regulations

A. General

1. The professional certifications awarded by Shelem College in complementary medicine studies are recognized in keeping with the levels of recognition in the various fields in Israel.

2. These regulations apply equally to men and women students.

3. Shelem College is an institution that conducts itself in the spirit of halakha. Students are therefore requested to dress modestly.

4. Smoking is forbidden on the college premises.

5. Mobile telephones must be turned off upon entering classes. Phone calls will be allowed during breaks, either in the classroom or outside the college building.

6. Students are responsible for opening the therapy tables and beds before each class begins, as necessary. At the end of each class students are responsible for folding the beds and returning the chairs and mattresses to their designated places, unless instructed otherwise.

7. Students must maintain the cleanliness and order of the classrooms and beverage corner. Used cups etc. must be put in the trash container.

8. There shall be no distribution or display of any advertisements or announcements or the conduct of any commercial activity of any sort on the college premises.

9. Any student wishing to clarify a matter with the administration must make an appointment with the secretary.

B. Personal belongings

1. The college is not responsible for personal belongings of any sort.

2. Students living outside greater Jerusalem will be given the possibility of storing equipment in an orderly fashion in places allocated for this purpose. Belongings that are stored must be clearly marked with the student's name and telephone number.

3. Students whose equipment is not in an orderly fashion in a locker will not be allowed to keep their equipment at the college at all.

D. College equipment and facilities

1. Students must not enter the secretary's space, the offices or the storage areas.

2. Illustrative apparatus – skeletons, wall maps, projectors, etc. are college equipment whose use is permitted exclusively to the lecturers.

3. The photocopy machines are to be operated only via a photocopy card purchased at the college and under the supervision of a college staff member.

4. Printed or photocopied professional materials distributed during lectures must not be given to others, as such action is considered misappropriation and trespassing.

5. Material taught in the courses must not be used to teach others, unless a person is trained and authorized to do so.

D. Changes

1. Students must notify the college secretary of any change in name, address or telephone number.

2. Any message for a student that is left on the voice mailbox or with a friend or relative at the telephone number listed with the secretary will be considered as having been delivered to the student.

3. Since there are courses and workshops whose commencement is conditional on minimum enrollment, the college reserves the right to notify the students of changes in the starting dates of courses.

4. The college reserves the right to change the location of studies (within the Jerusalem municipal boundaries) if the needs of the school dictate such change.

5. The college will make every effort for each course to be given by the lecturer advertised. If this is no possible, the college commits to substitute a lecturer of equal expertise.

6. The college intends to commence courses, workshops and lectures on the dates and at the times stated. Each course has a schedule that includes the starting and ending dates and the timing of the classes in between. Even so, the college bears no responsibility for unforeseeable changes for any reason that would cause a lecture to be postponed or shortened, etc. The college will reschedule any hours of instruction lost due to such changes.

7. Compulsory courses such as anatomy and physiology will open in parallel with main courses, such as reflexology and massage, but the dates of such courses are at the college administration's sole discretion,

E.  Course requirements

1. Each student must fulfill the requirements of each course as instructed by the lecturer and the administration (exams, class work, final paper, etc.). Failure to complete these requirements will require arrangement with the college, in keeping with the college's schedule and options.

2. Certain courses have requirements that necessitate external completion (such as the resuscitation course) and separate payment, which are a compulsory part of the student's obligations.

3. Certain courses require students to bring personal equipment (such as creams, towels, etc.), and books and personal learning accessories, which are included in the compulsory requirements of a course. The cost of these accessories, books, equipment, etc. is the student's responsibility.

F.  Lateness and absences

1. Students are required to arrive on time for the beginning of each class.

2. Lateness of 15 minutes or more will be considered an absence, and each absence must be made up. If a make-up class requires a special meeting with an advisor or assistant, this will be at the student's expense. Students are allowed to miss up to 3 classes per course and still receive a diploma.

3. Students who are absent beyond the allowed maximum will not be eligible to receive a diploma for the relevant course unless they make up the missed classes. Making up such classes entails a payment that will be calculated based on the relative amount of time represented by the absences, and will be determined at the sole discretion of the administration.

4. A student who behaves inappropriately, disrupts a class, foments the class or disobeys the teacher's or the administration's instructions will be expelled from the course with no obligation of a further explanation from the administration, and will not be eligible to continue the course at the college – following advance warning in writing.

G. Payments and obligations

1. Registration for each course will be paid separately and is not refundable under any circumstances.

2. Tuition for each course shall be paid in full (with a payment schedule) before the beginning of the course.

3. The college will determine the terms for payment, the payment schedule and the payment dates. The payment is for the entire course as a single unit, and payment in installments shall not be construed as payment for individual learning units.

4. If a student withdraws from a course by the third class, 75% of the tuition for that class will be refunded. Beyond the third class, there will be no refunds of tuition.

5. If a student is expelled from a class for improper behavior, there will be no refund of tuition.

6. In very specific special cases, a student will be allowed to continue a course at a later date or exchange the tuition for a dropped course with an alternative course, in accordance with the sole discretion of the administration.

7. If a student misses more than three classes he will be required to make up the classes, either with a private tutor or with one of the college's teaching staff, at the student's expense.

8. Shelem College reserves the right to cancel a student's participation in classes for reasons of unsuitability. In this case, the student's tuition will be refunded in full.

9. A diploma will be awarded to a student only after the completion of all requirements.

10. In order to avoid unpleasantness, the student shall retain all the receipts for payments made to the college, for future presentation as necessary.

11. If a student's check is returned for any reason that is not the college's responsibility, the person who issued the check will be charged a NIS 50 handling fee per check.

12. In any instance of disagreement, the authorized arbiter is the rabbi of the college, Rabbi Bunim Shatz.

H. Declaration of health

1. The student declares that he is physically and mentally fit to receive and administer therapies in the framework of complementary medicine studies and in general.

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